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About US

Dryer Vent Nation was started as a response to the lack of awareness surrounding dryer vent cleaning.

Often times, cleaning a vent dryer isn’t even on the radar of a homeowner. This means that clogged dryer vents ultimately end up causing slower drying times, and, in some cases, can be considered an extreme fire hazard. These cost a homeowner time, dollars, and even injury.

We were founded to not only raise awareness about this problem, but fix it quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

Our Process

  • Dryer Vent Nation uses commercial grade air compressors to thoroughly clean out the dryer vent.
  • This is done from the termination of the dryer vent on the outside of the house, to the dryer on the inside.
  • This means nothing is disturbed on the inside of your home, your washer and dryer will not be moved, your dry wall will not be cut open and your duct work will not be relocated, gas lines and electrical will not be tampered with.
  • Dryer Vent Nations cleaning practices are the least intrusive to the homeowner, and the most effective to removing lint from a vent.
  • Our air hose is a light flexible soft plastic design that, moves through the duct, without getting stopped by 90 degree bends in the duct work. Using 175 Psi air pressure we dislodge all the lint that has been sticking to the ventilation pipe ( which can reach temperatures of 100-200 degrees) we are able to leave you with peace of mind, that no lint got left behind.
  • All expelled lint is captured and removed from the premises.



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Our Philosophy

Dryer Vent Nation was established to be the proper means for homeowners to check one more thing off the long list of responsibilities, that come with their most expensive investment. The home.

Most projects that are necessary to preserve the value of the home cost thousands of dollars, water proofing you basement, new roof, windows, the list can go on and on…..

Refer to our pricing section to get an idea of your project, but the average job cost $176, which is a small price to pay, for a large burden of worry off your shoulders.

At Dryer Vent Nation we make this a smooth process for you from start to finish. Call to set an appointment, up front pricing!!     (our pricing brackets are listed on our site) we come out when we say we will, and preform all labor from outside of the house. No boots on your carpet, no doors open and closing.

Our two goals are to provide professional cleaning and professional customer service. If you don’t see at least one smile through out our process the serviced is FREE. If we make  you laugh its double ( just kidding).

Our Pricing

Zone 1
Termination Under 6 Feet $150

Zone 2
Termination Between 7-16 Feet – $185

Zone 3
Termination Above 17 Feet – $300

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